ECF Trainee Pool

What is the ECF Trainee Pool?

The ECF Trainee Pool is designed to serve the teacher students who are looking for a trainee placement abroad. It provides students a platform to join and create a trainee profile with individual competencies and needs. The aim is to support trainees to become international education professionals.

For Whom?

The Trainee platform is for University teacher programme graduates and students who are in the final stretch of their studies. The ECF Trainee Pool process offers an international option for teaching practice required by a university. It is tailored for each school and individual teacher student according to his/her own situation, wishes, and experience.

What do our partner schools offer?

  • Trainee positions for early childhood education, class teacher, subject teacher and special education teacher (SEN)
  • A personal mentor who will guide a trainee through the practice period
  • International, multicultural, multi-professional, and inspiring trainee environment
  • Opportunities to build professional networks
  • Possibilities to take part in staff training
  • A great opportunity to see what Finnish educational export in action is like

Note! Typically, the trainee is expected to arrange and cover the costs for accommodation, flights, VISA, transportation, and life in general in a destination country. School-specific practices regarding financial and other forms of support can be found on the schools’ info pages below.

How to apply?

The application period is ongoing and the schools’ trainee coordinators review the applications as they come. The coordinators are in direct contact with the suitable candidates.

You can submit your application through the apply-button below. In need of technical assistance with your application, please contact:  Please note that we do not process applications sent by email.

Submit your application!

Get to know our Trainee Schools

You have currently a possibility to apply for a trainee placement at Qatar-Finland International School in Doha.

You can read more about what kind of trainees the school is looking for, what the school offers to their trainees and the contact details for the school’s trainee coordinator.

Teaching practice at Qatar-Finland International School​

Inspiring Trainee Stories

“If you have ever dreamt of working as a teacher outside Finland, a practice period is a good way to get a taste of that and to also learn whether working abroad is something that you really want to do in the future”

Nelli Numminen, class teacher

You will gain valuable teacher experience in a multilinguistical and multicultural environment. My experience was one of a kind and unique

Sanna Messman, class teacher