EduCluster Finland Environmental Policy

We strive to reduce and manage our impact on the environment utilising a wide range of resources and focusing on effective measures and continual improvement. We are committed to making greener personal and company-wide choices when it comes to business travelling, materials selection, adoption of new technologies and energy consumption. We have identified the following measures:

  • We use e-meeting facilities when the objectives of the meeting can be achieved without physically travelling. Especially when travelling abroad, we always try to combine several tasks in one trip to avoid unnecessary travelling. Working from home occasionally saves both time and environment.
  • We travel in Finland mostly using trains or other public transport.
  • If we fly, we fully compensate the carbon emissions of our flights with our partner Nordic Offset. The compensation makes our air travel carbon neutral.
  • We prefer accommodation providers who have an environmental certification such as EU Ecolabel or Green Globe.
  • We reduce waste generation in our everyday activities. We always utilise available recycling possibilities at our facilities. We also actively give feedback to our office lessors to further improve recycling, energy efficiency and other environmental aspects such as how the electricity used in our facilities is produced.
  • We observe environmental aspects when purchasing goods and services. In practice this can mean for instance using recycled or environmentally friendly produced office paper, avoiding disposable tableware in our events and selecting energy efficient electronic equipment.