Privacy at EduCluster Finland

EduCluster Finland is committed to securing your privacy. This page contains the key information of the privacy principles and practices at EduCluster Finland.

Privacy policy is our top-level privacy document defining which information we collect and how we secure its integrity. Privacy policy gives a good overview of EduCluster´s personal data processing. You can view the privacy policy here: EduCluster Finland Ltd Privacy Policy 14 May 2019. does not use cookies.

We collect and store personal data of our clients and employees. For the purposes of recruitment, we also store personal information of job applicants but only as long as such data is needed for the recruitment. We also have a database of external experts called expert pool which contains information of experts interested in working with us. Membership of the expert pool is naturally based on consent.

Data collection principles and information for the data subjects in each of the aforementioned categories is presented in the records of processing activities. Up to date versions of the records are always available on

Links to the records are below:

Client Record May 2019
Expert Pool Record May 2019
Recruitment Record May 2019
Staff Record May 2019

In addition to the comprehensive documentation, clients or individual data subjects are presented a summary of processing of their data when they become part of our records. If the data processing is based on consent, both the summary of processing (which we call privacy notice) and the full record of processing activities are presented before a person gives his/her consent.

Should you have more questions about privacy, please contact Data Protection Officer Ms. Suvi Geier.
Tel: +358 40 765 5705