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Recruitment is on!

Where does your career dream take you?

If you are ready to explore extraordinary career paths, apply now for teaching and leadership positions in schools across Qatar, Oman and India.

EduCluster Finland is recruiting class teachers, subject teachers, early childhood education and care teachers, special education teachers and vice principals to start work in one of ECF’s three partner schools in autumn 2023.

ECF – part of the University of Jyväskylä Group – is a company specialised in sharing Finnish education expertise in international contexts, through school partnerships, professional development programmes and more.

In collaboration with ECF, the three schools are now seeking skilled and innovative education professionals, who have a Finnish teacher qualification, relevant experience of the Finnish education system, and solid working proficiency in English.

Qatar Open Positions
Oman  Open Positions
India Open Positions

How Do I Apply?

Application period is 3 January – 5 February 2023.


Please submit your CV and a cover letter (both in English, in PDF format) via the Apply button above. You will also be required to upload a short video (max 2 minutes). Note that you are able to save your progress, return later and resume filling out the application.

Apply soon – we will be processing applications throughout the application period!

Once applications close, we will contact candidates as soon as possible and schedule interviews for mid-February. Recruitment decisions will be made promptly thereafter.

For more information on recruitment, please contact:

Heli Parhiala, Lead Expert
tel. +358 40 575 3288,
Mon-Fri 9 – 15

Our research-based tool – Managing Diversity in International Educational Environments Competence Matrixidentifies 15 key competences advantageous for adapting to working life in an international setting. Feel free to explore!

Inspiring Careers

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Annulotta Marjanen, SEN teacher & Joonas Marjanen, music teacher

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