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You can find our vacancies on this page. Working at our international sites are some of the education sector’s best class teachers, special education teachers, principals, kindergarten teachers, vocational teachers and other experts.  At our offices in Finland, our home team designs and implements diverse projects. For our employees abroad, we offer the strong support of this home team.

Are you interested in working in an international educational environment?

Explore our new research-based tool – the Managing Diversity in International Educational Environments Competence Matrixwhich identifies 15 key competences advantageous for adapting to working life in such a setting.

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Are you a highly qualified education expert, wanting to broaden your horizons, but haven’t yet found a suitable open position? You are always welcome to send an application to join our ECF Expert Pool.

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Inspiring careers

“It was inspiring to work together because everyone gave it their best.”

Saana Khalil, class teacher

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of this unique venture of realising an international Finnish school.”

Oskari Koskela, crafts teacher

“When I came back, I was a different person professionally.”

Piia Parviainen, university lecturer