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Calling for top-of-the-line education professionals! 

EduCluster Finland operations are based on strong understanding of the Finnish Education system and the best practices from both Finland and abroad. We believe that everyone deserves the best possible education and future.

To ensure and enhance the execution of our vision we are looking for open-minded education experts with a multi-cultural approach and versatile competencies to work in our partner schools and projects around the world.

New ECF Pool of Experts is now open

Join our renewed Pool of Experts to stay updated on our long-term career path options as well as short term international projects. For future reference, we are keen on welcoming like-minded education experts into the community.

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Our research-based tool – Managing Diversity in International Educational Environments Competence Matrixidentifies 15 key competences advantageous for adapting to working life in an international setting. Feel free to explore!

Inspiring Careers

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it”

Leena Veräjänkorva, class teacher

“It is a great feeling when you see progress in everyday activities at school.”

Katri Anttila, Principal

“We are excited to open the first Finland school in Pune and look at changing the education horizon in India

Shashank Goenka, Managing Director

Take a peek at the life of a teacher who wanted to change the direction of his career (video).

Juho Lähdesmäki, SEN teacher

Sit back and listen as Hanne tells her working experiences abroad (video).

Hanne Pikkarainen, class teacher