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Finland International School Maldives is a privately-owned school, located on an active campus area in Malé.
The school starts with primary school Grades 1–5 in January 2019.
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to work in the Maldives starting in January 2019.

Are you a highly qualified teacher, with solid knowledge and experience of the Finnish education system and fluency in English, in search of a new career path? We are looking for open-minded and creative professionals who are innovative in their pedagogy and who welcome challenges.

Master’s Degree in Education
Min. 2 years’ experience in education (as class teacher / SEN teacher)
Experience in teaching in Finland, according to the Finnish national core curriculum
Capability to mentor and contribute to curriculum development
Capability to creatively develop learning methods

We also appreciate teaching experience in an international context or outside Finland. Excellent communication skills are essential in these positions.

What is offered:
Interesting and challenging educational work in a growing, new context
International colleagues in an inspiring work environment
Opportunities to learn, grow, and progress in your profession
2-year work contract
Competitive salary according to years of experience

Embark on this journey with us! Please fill in your application through the link below, attach your Europass CV, including a cover letter, and send your application by 7 September 2018 through the link below.
All documents are required in English. We will start reviewing the applications right away.


Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information from:

Lead Expert Sini Palm, sini.palm@educluster.fi, tel. +358 40 4806161 from Sun 26 Aug to Thu 30 Aug at 1–3 pm.
Sini is currently in the Maldives, thus WhatsApp is recommended.
HR Director Suvi Geier, suvi.geier@educluster.fi, tel. +358 40 7655705 from Mon 27 Aug to Fri 31 Aug at 2–4 pm.

Our personnel share solid experience of the Finnish school environment, pedagogical competence honed through practical work and a passion to teach. Add to that the ability and desire to evolve with the team and you have someone who fits into our team perfectly both in Finland and abroad.

Jyrki Saarivaara, CEO

We are continually seeking experts for various positions.

New vacancies open up all year round both in Finland and internationally. You can find our vacancies on this page. Working at our international sites are some of the education sector’s best class teachers, special education teachers, principals, kindergarten teachers, vocational teachers and other experts.  At our offices in Finland, our home team designs and implements diverse projects.

For our employees abroad, we offer the strong support of this home team. We take good care of everyone in our work community, regardless of location.

Our main operating areas are the GCC countries and Asia.

We would like to hear from you

Are you a highly qualified education expert, wanting to broaden your horizons, but didn’t find an open position suitable for you? You are always welcome to send an application to join our ECF Expert Pool.

Inspiring careers

Saana Khalil, class teacher

“It was inspiring to work together because everyone gave it their best”

Having graduated from the University of Oulu as an international class teacher, Saana Khalil taught at the Vesala primary school for two years before the idea of going abroad became irresistible. She joined us to work as a class teacher in a state school for girls in the city of Al Ain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The school had a Finnish principal and some other Finnish teachers, but the students were local children. Saana taught in Al Ain for a total of four years.

The Al Ain school followed a British-style curriculum. Compared to Finland, schooldays were long and being taught by turns in English and Arabic was challenging for the students.

Saana, on the other hand, was challenged by implementing child-oriented teaching. She had to learn to apply Finnish pedagogy to a totally unfamiliar context.

“My four years there included every emotional state imaginable. At times I found it tough, and school inspections put a lot of pressure on us. But I did a lot of teamwork with the other teachers which was really inspiring. The teachers chosen for projects like these are ones who crave challenges and give it their best. They became close friends to me, and the most important memory I have of that time is my gratitude for everything I learned and experienced.”

When Saana returned to Finland, she found the country hit by a wave of refugees. Because she had studied Arabic throughout her four years in Al Ain, Saana was able to talk about basic things with many of the refugee children at the school and their parents. Her knowledge of their culture and religion has also been beneficial in increasing mutual understanding.

Last summer, we sent Saana to Beijing for two weeks to provide further training for local class teachers.

“China is completely different to Europe and the Middle East, and I found the experience fascinating. Whether it’s two weeks or four years, you learn so much from working abroad and take home a lot of practical new insights to apply in your own class.”

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Piia Parviainen, university lecturer

“When I came back, I was a different person professionally”

Our shared journey with University Lecturer Piia Parviainen began with a partnership project in Saudi Arabia where Piia performed the duties of an expert of early childhood education. Several years of collaboration resulted in recommendations for a pedagogically high-quality learning environment and a curriculum that applied Finnish pedagogic principles, while lending itself well to the Saudi culture.

When we founded an international school with a Finnish-style curriculum in Doha, Qatar in 2014, Piia was its first vice-principal. Her workdays in her new home country were filled with creating the school’s operating principles, compiling its curriculum, making student assessments, developing student selection and student welfare services and supporting the teachers.

“In many ways, the work of a vice-principal consisted of doing lots of new things because we were creating an international school that utilised the principles of Finnish pedagogy from scratch. For example, when we needed assessment forms and forms for absent students, we created them ourselves.”

This international posting taught Piia the importance of constructive interaction and supportive managerial work in the everyday routines of a school. The experience also illustrated the significant role confidential collaboration plays in Finnish educational and training know-how.

After returning home from Qatar, Piia went back to her job as a university lecturer at the University of Jyväskylä’s Faculty of Education. Internationality is an obvious part of her work, as her students are future education professionals from all over the world, seeking to learn about Finnish pedagogy and teaching methods.

“When I returned from Qatar I was a different person professionally. I understand what teachers and leaders from different cultures are going through because I have seen and experienced something similar myself. The most exhilarating part about my current job is to see how my international colleagues are inspired by the Finnish way of teaching and encountering students. When professionals take what they have learned here and apply it to everyday life in their kindergartens and schools, I know the effects of my work are far-reaching.”

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