Finnish International High School

A Finnish-type High School provides students with eligibility to higher education worldwide – but there is much more to it! We pay a lot of attention to students’ holistic well-being, because happy students are the best ones to learn the skills they need in the future.

If you are interested in taking your high school in the Finnish direction, we are happy to guide you.

Kati Loponen, CEO

EduCluster Finland as a high school partner

EduCluster Finland is the quality partner for Finnish International High Schools. Through the partnership, EduCluster Finland provides mentoring, coaching and support to the schools to operate in a Finnish way.

Recruitment of Finnish-qualified teachers, professional development of academic staff and the possibility to obtain Finnish accreditation for the school are just a few examples of the benefits the partnership brings.

For students and staff, it means that Finnish quality criteria and operating principles are followed in every aspect. We want the high school experience to be truly Finnish in every environment and culture!

The magic happens when you work together. That is why we are with you – and for you.

Inside a Finnish International High School

The Finnish International High School curriculum is based on the Finnish national curriculum, and adapted to the international context by EduCluster Finland. The curriculum is a balanced mixture of academic and practical subjects – in a truly Finnish way.

The supportive assessment, uncompromising focus on wellbeing and personal guidance go hand in hand with the pursuit of rigorous academic goals. The studies aim to provide Finnish International High School graduates with the transversal skills needed in the world of the future.

Top Whys of FIHS

  • Finland is world-renowned for its high quality education. The combination of academic achievement and high student well-being is unique in the world.
  • A Finnish International High School adapts to the needs of each student. There is a great deal of flexibility in creating the optimal path for oneself.
  • Successful studies in a FIHS open pathways to world’s top universities. The Finnish International Final Examination is widely recognised by international universities (see the box below).
  • EduCluster Finland tailors every school it partners. Because one size does not fit all.

Finnish International High School graduates

FIHS graduates have gone on to study at a number of prestigious universities, including:

Australian National University, AustraliaMcGill University, Canada ●  Concordia University, Canada ●  Mount Royal University, Canada ●  Charles University, Czech Republic ●  University of Oulu, Finland  ● UMCH Medical school in Hamburg, Germany ● Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Republic of Ireland ● Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan ● University College Roosevelt, Netherlands ● Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar ● Weill Cornell Medicine, Qatar ● King’s College, United Kingdom ● University of Stirling, United Kingdom ● Howard University, United States ● Canyons College, United States

The Finnish International Final Examination is recognised e.g. by all Finnish universities and the UCAS in the U.K.

Read more about The Finnish International Final Examination

EduCluster Finland

EduCluster Finland (ECF) is a part of the University of Jyväskylä Group. The University of Jyväskylä is one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in Finland. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in the field of education.
EduCluster Finland operates and partners many Finnish International Schools worldwide, and has been involved in 200+ international projects since 2010.

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