Finnish International Final Examination

Thank you for your interest in the Finnish International Final Examination! The F.I.F.E. is a unique certification of reaching the targets of high-quality Finnish-type education in an international setting.

The F.I.F.E. provides students eligibility to higher education worldwide, but it is not just about further placements! It is also a powerful tool for directing high school studies towards a Finnish-type approach, where students’ holistic wellbeing is taken care of, and they are equipped with versatile 21st century skills that carry far beyond their formal studies.

If you are interested in a high school with the Finnish direction, we are happy to guide you forward!

Kati Loponen, CEO

Five features of F.I.F.E.

  • Unique high school final examination, assessing learning based on a Finnish-type curriculum, in the English language.
  • Flexibility of building your examination from almost 20 subjects. Exam periods take place twice a year, and the examination can be distributed over three consecutive exam periods. Resits are possible.
  • Opens doors to top-level universities worldwide. Recognition of F.I.F.E. is based on the close equivalence of F.I.F.E. and the highly regarded Finnish National Matriculation examination.
  • Practicing made easy with past exam items and tailor-made practice exams available. Schools can also benefit from targeted expert coaching directly from Finland.
  • Fully digital exam in line with today’s high school requirements. Digital administration makes marking of the exams quick, and ensures the highest level of data security.

F.I.F.E. is offered in all academic subjects taught in the Finnish International High School curriculum. The language of the examination is English. Arranging  examinations in locally required subjects (e.g. local languages) can be negotiated.

A total of six exams are required to pass the examination. Each exam is six hours long, taken in a certified exam centre, i.e. at the school. The exam is fully digital – the  required technical skills are instructed before entering the exams. Adapted exam arrangements are available for students with special needs.

The first F.I.F.E. Graduates 2022

The first ever students who took the F.I.F.E. examination went on to study at a variety of highly prestigious higher education institutions, for example:

King’s College, United Kingdom  |  Howard University, United States  |  McGill University, Canada  |  Concordia University, Canada  |  UMCH Medical School, Germany  |  University of Oulu, Finland  |  Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar

F.I.F.E. is recognised e.g. by all Finnish universities and the UCAS in the U.K.

The F.I.F.E. story

The first Finnish International Schools were started in the early 2010’s. After studying the rigorous Finnishtype curriculum the natural pathway for the international students is to take a Finnish final exam. As the Finnish National Matriculation Examination is not available in English, EduCluster Finland with its partners assumed the task of designing the Finnish International Final Examination (F.I.F.E.).

The main responsibility of creating and administering the exams is with the Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER). FIER is a multidisciplinary expert organisation, specialised in educational research and development, and thus a prestigious organiser for the Finnish International Final Examination.

The world of 2020’s is digital, and it is clear that FIFE needs to reflect this. Hence, the third cornerstone of the F.I.F.E. is Eduten, the leading Finnish exporter of digital learning solutions. Eduten built the F.I.F.E. to be fully online and digital, thus agile and data secure.

The F.I.F.E. assesses student learning based on the Finnish International High School curriculum and is in most regards comparable to the internationally highly regarded Finnish National Matriculation Examination.

Success in F.I.F.E. opens the doors to top quality international higher education. The collaboration between ECF, FIER and Eduten now offers F.I.F.E. to Finnish International Schools, and any other school who is looking to benefit from the world-renowned Finnish educational approach.

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