FINNSpire – Hands-on, Brains-on: Student-centred Learning

Much of the success of the Finnish Education comes from the focus on students. What are some of the practical tools used to enhance each student’s learning experience? What is the theoretical background for student-centred learning? How can you inspire students to take the reins of their own learning? Welcome to find out!


A compact on-line course introducing the core elements on why and how to implement student- centred learning and teaching to bring out the best of each student.


Organisations’ pedagogical communities: including class teachers, subject teachers, SEN teachers, teaching assistants, teacher trainees


Online studies at own pace. There are various of tasks and some of them you will work collaboratively with your colleagues.  The course takes approximately 8 hours to complete.

During the studies you will get feedback and support from your on-line tutor who is a Finnish educational expert.

You will get a digital certificate of completion.


Gives both theoretical and practical knowledge about student-centred approach according to the latest Finnish pedagogy.

You will get tools, methods and skills how to further motivate your learners and to increase the focus on the students.

Reference which can be used in the work market.

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