Qatar-Finland International School

As our school is growing and adding high school grades, Qatar-Finland International School is looking for new top-of-the-line education professionals:

    • Science (Phy, Chem, Bio, Geo), Math, IT, World History and Social Studies, PE, Health Ed, English, French, Spanish, German, Psychology, Philosophy, Crafts (hard & soft), Music and Arts

to work in Qatar-Finland International School, Doha starting mid-August 2020

Are you a highly qualified teacher, with knowledge and experience of the Finnish education system, in search of a new career path? Do you want to develop your horizons both personally and professionally?

We are looking for creative and open-minded professionals who are innovative in their pedagogy and who welcome positive challenges.

We want you if you:

  • Are interested in new cultures and experiences
  • Have passion for education and teaching
  • Are confident facilitator of age-appropriate active learning
  • Emphasize pedagogical play
  • Are a flexible team worker in and out of the class room
  • Are a hard-working developer
  • Have good stress management skills
  • Have solid working proficiency in English

We offer you a competitive salary package with a fantastic opportunity to develop your professionalism in a truly international environment as a member of an inspiring, multicultural team! Please find the detailed job descriptions below.

For more information, please contact 20.1. – 6.2.2020 on Mon – Wed:
Suvi Geier, HR Director,  tel. +358 40 7655705.
We are also looking forward to meeting you at ECF stand 6c20 in EDUCA fair 24. – 25. January!

Job Descriptions

Class Teachers, Pre-School Teachers and Subject Teachers

  • Planning and implementing teaching according to the school curriculum in collaboration with other teachers and learning assistants
  • Keeping pedagogical documentation up to date
  • Substitution
  • Continuous student assessment, follow-up and recording of student development
  • Student supervision
  • Participating in Professional Development program
  • Contributing in school development work
  • Communicating with parents weekly
  • Responsibility for the allocated budget
  • All the other duties allocated by the school admin

Special Needs Teachers

  • Planning and implementing teaching according to the school curriculum in collaboration with other teachers and learning assistants
  • Supporting students in collaboration with teachers, learning assistants and parents
  • Consulting pedagogical staff in student support related topics
  • Continuous student assessment, follow-up and recording of student development
  • Participating in Professional Development program
  • Keeping pedagogical documentation up to date
  • Substitution
  • Student supervision
  • Implementing and supporting student testing according to school SEN policies
  • Being active members in Student Welfare Team
  • Contribution in school development work with the focus on SEN structures
  • Bringing expertise in student admission through student testing support and result analysis
  • All the other duties allocated by the school admin


  • Contributing to school development work
  • Managing day-to-day operations of the library (catalog, student and book records, shelving, organization of the library and collection).
  • Actively promoting reading and library use through activities as reading books, storytelling, booktalks, displays, reading programs, library instruction, and special events.
  • Developing and maintaining a collection of print and digital resources to promote independent reading and literacy growth, support the curriculum and student’s needs.
  • Creating and promoting meaningful experiences to promote a love of reading and lifelong learning – book groups, library activity centers, summer reading club, and reading challenges.
  • Making literacy connections through collaborations with class and subject teachers.
  • Managing library: material orders, customs clearance and Ministry approval process according to the school library budget
  • Providing reference and readers’ advisory to students and teachers.
  • Creating a dynamic fun library atmosphere through book displays, bulletin boards, and activity centers.
  • Collaborating with teachers to schedule effective use of the library.
  • Hosting special events such as book fairs and scholastic reading club (book ordering).
  • Supervising student and parent volunteer program.
  • All the other duties allocated by the school admin

School Counsellor

  • Home-school collaboration
  • Supporting teachers and parents
  • Coordinating and registering disciplinary processes
  • Keeping pedagogical documentation up to date
  • Crisis intervention
  • Supporting class teachers and homeroom teachers in case of student absences, tardiness and undone homework
  • Liaising with social services and other student support networks
  • Student supervision
  • Contributing in school development work
  • Active member of Student Welfare Team
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Coordinating Student Rewards
  • Student testing
  • All the other duties allocated by the school admin

Guidance Counsellor

  • Has the main responsibility for the planning and implementation of guidance counselling
  • familiarizes students with high school studies and practices together with the homeroom teachers
  • supports high school students in developing their metacognitive skills
  • guides students to make course choices
  • informs students about the roles of different operators in counselling and students support
  • supports students when they are making personal plans for studies, final exams and career planning
  • supports students’ self-knowledge
  • informs about the final exams
  • helps students to find sources of relevant information about education and career planning, as well as familiarizes them with electronic application systems
  • arranges visits to colleges and postgraduate fairs
  • is responsible for introducing work life
  • supports, if necessary, homeroom teachers in monitoring the progress of studies
  • helps the students who have problems with their studies, together with the vice principal, homeroom teacher and, if necessary, student welfare team
    conducts multi-professional co-operation both within the school (counsellor, SEN teacher) and with external partners (e.g. other secondary schools, higher education, work life)
  • is responsible for organizing parents’ evenings in co-operation with the vice principal and homeroom teachers
  • is responsible for guidance counselling modules

About the school

Qatar-Finland International School is a K-12 institution located in Doha, Qatar. The school follows the Finnish National Core Curriculum combined with local requirements. During academic year 2020-2021 the school hosts grades 0-11, age groups 5-17. The school has appr. 720 students and approx. 90 pedagogical staff members, 50 of which are from Finland. The primary task of the school is to provide quality education as well as to support and develop the education system of Qatar.