All invoices should be addressed to EduCluster Finland Ltd as an electronic invoice as follows:

Invoicing address for electronic invoices: 003723316622
EDI code: 003723316622
Operator: Apix Messaging Oy
Operator code: DABAFIHH

Please note, that if you use some of these operators for sending electronic invoices: Danske Bank Oyj, Handelsbanken, Paikallisosuuspankit tai Säästöpankit, you should use 003723327487 as invoicing address and DABAFIHH as operator code.

If your company cannot send an electronic invoice, you can send the invoices as traditional invoices using email or traditional mail.


Address for traditional mail:
EduCluster Finland Ltd (Apix Skannauspalvelu)
PO Box 16112

Business ID 2331662-2
VAT number FI23316622