FINNSpire – Co-teaching, Co-learning

When two or more teachers collaborate in the design, implementation and assessment of students’ learning, the results are more than the sum of their parts. How is co-teaching organised? How does co-teaching promote professional development, elevate job satisfaction and nurture collegial support? In what ways does is benefit students? Join the course to find out!


A compact online course that introduces the key elements of teacher collaboration in co-teaching class and helps to prevent some typical problems of co-teaching teams.


Schools and other learning communities, teacher teams, principals, administrators, teachers, SEN teachers, teaching assistants, pre-service teachers


Online learning at own pace. Learning material and learning tasks can be done independently or collaboratively with your colleagues.  The course takes approximately 8 hours to complete. You will get feedback and support from you designated on-line tutor who is a Finnish educational expert
You will obtain a digital certificate of completion.


Co-teaching enables teachers with different skills and strengths to contribute to students’ learning which c’an lead to more versatile instruction and often higher job satisfaction. When co-teaching team consists of mainstream and SEN teacher it can also enable special education support in regular classroom.

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