Co-creating outstanding schools with you

Education services involve the communication of know-how and understanding from one person or context to another. That is why they cannot be offered as a standard package.

What is required is careful tailoring and adaptation to local prerequisites. This reinvention can only happen when inspirational partnerships are born, and we can achieve this by working together with you.

Full-scale ECF School

If it’s a full-scale Finnish school you’re looking for, we can set up an ECF School in your region that uses the Finnish curriculum, fused with local guidelines and regulations. We plan the school in close cooperation with you and carry the responsibility of making it a functional unit. We also take care of the school’s operations. Our services include reforming your teacher training and compiling the school’s curriculum in collaboration with your local experts. Teaching at the school is carried out by both Finnish teachers and local teachers trained by us.

Case: Qatar–Finland International School in Doha

QFIS 2017–2018

  • Grades 0–8
  • Students 750
  • Staff 86 (100+ with outsourced staff)
  • People: Students from 60+ different nationalities, staff from 19 different nationalities, 50% of staff Finnish
  • Finnish curriculum

Your School with the ECF Approach

We talk about school as a service when you want to use the Finnish education concept to complement an existing educational path in your school. Or, you may want to implement your local curriculum through the use of Finnish teaching and learning practices. Either way, we will support you in continuously developing your school and monitoring its quality, all the while training you to become experts in Finnish pedagogy.

Teacher education and training

Because a school run by local resources is the strongest and most sustainable in the long run, we train international educators to become experts in Finnish pedagogy. We organise further training and degree courses for groups in collaboration with our owner organisations (University of Jyväskylä, JAMK University of Applied Science, GRADIA).

What is it like to partner with us?

We are professionals of service design. Our experience of 30 countries and more than 200 projects has also made us project management professionals. We understand our partners and tailor our services through co-creation. This means finding the most efficient ways to collaborate and exploring the most creative solutions to your needs.

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