Pioneering Finnish education expertise globally

We believe that everyone deserves the best possible education and future – that’s why we deliver Finnish educational expertise worldwide.

The Finnish education concept is internationally acclaimed for its impressive track record in producing high-ranking student performance, while nurturing well-being for individuals and communities.

The ECF approach takes this concept, reinventing it for contexts and cultures worldwide. We build a sustainable education model with you, because we believe in learning for life.

A learning community built with Finnish know-how and the ECF approach creates the foundation for a holistic learning experience. We have co-created schools and trained teachers around the world. With us, learners study for life, not school.

We continuously develop our know-how in close cooperation with our owner organisations, the University of Jyväskylä, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, and GRADIA Jyväskylä Educational Consortium.

Our customers appreciate

We support them in building an ecosystem and promoting well-being

We provide skills for life-long learning and offer learners something more than the culture of competition

We reinvent the world-renowned Finnish education concept according to their specific needs

Our know-how is evidenced by scientific research from our owner organisations

We offer internationally acclaimed teaching and learning methodologies

Our values


We excel because we always aim higher


We want to do meaningful work, always respecting others and acting in a transparent way


We lead the way because we are forward-thinking, ambitious and passionate


We innovate together, explore with curiosity and reinvent boldly

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