The Finnish education system, recognised as one of the leading education systems in the world, has been identified as one which can offer inspiration for education reform in countries around the world. An expert in the Finnish education system, EduCluster Finland (ECF) is a reliable strategic partner in delivering the best possible Finnish expertise to use in the development and operational work of the client. ECF is recognised and acknowledged as a pioneer in refining and customising components of the Finnish education system to fit in different cultural settings globally. When the local context is fully taken into account, the final result is always unique, functional, and most of all sustainable.

Owners of the company:
• University of Jyväskylä Group (80%)
• Jyväskylä University of Applied Science (10%)
• Jyväskylä Educational Consortium (10%)


Our official company logo symbolises the flow of learning and a fresh combination of different knowledge areas.


The preferred way of using the logo is the coloured version over a white or light background.

  • The composition of the logo, or the representation of its components and colours may not be altered.
  • The icon and text have to be kept together when used as a logo.
  • To protect the visual effectiveness of the logo, there should be a clear area maintained around the logo.
  • The minimum width of the logo should be no less than 40 mm.

Download logo(s)
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