EduCluster Finland (ECF), University of Jyväskylä Group, engages in global operations pioneering Finnish expertise over the entire educational spectrum.


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We share Finnish education experience and know-how through dynamic partnerships across the globe.

Finland’s education concept is internationally acclaimed for achieving high-ranking student performance, while nurturing well-being for individuals and communities. The ECF approach takes this concept, reinventing it for contexts  worldwide.

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What our partners say

The Study Tour for School Leaders to Finland gave the insight in understanding the mammoth work carried out over years diligently and tirelessly for more than two decades by the country and people connected, being extremely appreciable and commendable.

I have been impressed by the solid, efficient and scientific education system in Finland.

The Finnish education has a lot to us to reflect on and to reference

The visits were interesting and offered a comprehensive understanding of the Finnish School, class and student characteristics

Finnish training for me is like to opened a window and let me breathe more fresh air.

A lot of educators from all over the world have come to Finland to explore the secrets of Finnish success in education.By instilling the sense of responsibility into every child, the Finnish education has successfully turned their children into responsible citizens who care for their life, their land and their country! I believe this is one of their secrets.

We came here to learn from others and we finished learning with others. We didn’t learn only about the “getting results issue”, we learnt from happy, respectful, trustworthy and trustful professionals and students who opened their schools and faculties to us so we could pick those meaningful experiences to load our learning bags we took back home.

The great success of the Finnish education system is certainly due to many factors. It's like a puzzle to me: every part is important but the parts need to be well connected so that a new (wonderful) puzzle (image) can come into existence - that is more than the sum of its parts.

I have enjoyed this workshop so much. It was a great experience that I can highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about the Finnish education system. The program was excellent, everything was very well organized. The EduCluster team is very professional – they really do know their stuff. And very nice too – it was a pleasure to be there.

Within a relatively short period of time we have gained a basic overview and understanding of the Finnish vocational education system, its teacher education concept as well as the school-enterprise cooperation mechanisms.