Teaching practice at Finland Oman School

Finland Oman School (F.O.S.) is a unique international learning community located on the GUtech University Campus in Muscat, Oman. Oman is surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, spectacular mountains and an endless desert. Omanis are welcoming and kindhearted people and Oman is a very safe working and living environment.

Finland Oman School builds on the know-how and experience from the Finnish education system while upholding Omani values. Our Finnish teachers work and collaborate together with our international staff to implement the Finnish teaching and learning practices. Finland Oman school offers bilingual education for grades KG1 to G12.

We are offering to our trainees:

  • Our highly educated international staff from KG1 to G6 (students aged 3 to 10 years) is motivated to mentor upcoming trainees starting on January 2023.
  • The length of the training depends on the trainee’s university. Term 2 starts in the beginning of January and ends in 23rd of March. Term 3 ends in the mid-June.
  • During spring 2023 we are looking for 2-4 trainees

We are looking for:

  • Innovative and committed trainees, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, applying Finnish teaching and learning new practices in an international environment.
  • Good level of verbal, and written English skills.
  • Early childhood education, class and SEN teacher trainees.

We will assist our trainees with:

  • Providing accommodation at the school campus
  • Providing breakfast and lunch on school days
  • Paying flight tickets if the trainee period lasts at least one term (min. 3 months)
  • Introducing Oman and beautiful nature tours and hiking trips

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