Finland International School Pune

Finland International School Pune, India (FIS Pune) is owned and operated by Goenka Global Education, an enterprise committed to offering holistic and transformative education through innovation and experiential learning environments. This new EduCluster Finland partner school will open its doors in August 2022 with the Finnish National Core Curriculum in the heart of the operations. The school follows the pedagogical approach and the best practices from Finland merged with local requirements.

The school principal, Ms. Minna Repo, as well as 2/3 of the teaching staff are from Finland. They work closely together with the local and international educators co-teaching, mentoring, and learning from each other. During the first academic year, FIS Pune caters to children in grades 0- 4 with the amount of 160-200 children. The school will gradually expand to a full K-12 school.