Finland International School Pune Recruitment

Finland International School Pune is an EduCluster Finland partner school in the city of Pune, India. The school is owned and operated by Goenka Global Education, a company committed to offering holistic education through innovation and experiential learning environments. The first of its kind in India, the school opened its doors in August 2022. The Finnish National Core Curriculum is at the heart of the school’s operations, with best practices from Finland merged with local requirements. Currently hosting grades from nursery to grade 4 (ages 2–9), the school will gradually expand to a full K12 model.

The school is currently pursuing an expansion of operations onto an additional campus, also located in Pune.

Recruitment for academic year 2023–2024

We are looking to recruit skilled and innovative teachers with solid proficiency in English to start work at the Finland International School Pune from autumn term 2023 onwards.

Are you seeking new opportunities as a teacher? Finland International School Pune is a community built on collaboration and child-centred practices. The school boasts modern facilities, and the shared culture of positivity and hard work make the school a great place for continuous professional development. If you are flexible and possess a pioneer spirit, you might be who we are looking for!

The following positions are available (click to view job description):

All of the teaching positions require:

  • The appropriate Finnish teacher qualification (ECEC teacher or class teacher or special education teacher)
  • Knowledge and experience of the Finnish education system
  • Solid working proficiency in English

To succeed in these positions, you should have a passion for teaching and a hard-working attitude. We expect a strong work ethic and a desire to develop. You are a flexible team player, in and out of the classroom. An interest in new cultures and experiences is a must. You welcome the unique circumstances that are involved with operating in a start-up school.

For the Vice Principal’s position, administrative and pedagogical leadership experience will be given preference.

For one of the classroom teacher positions, we are looking for a candidate who would also be able to teach Spanish in primary grades.

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