Finland International School Maldives

Finland International School Maldives was established in 2018 by Educonnect, part of Islanders Education. The school is owned and operated by Educonnect with EduCluster Finland collaborating as an academic partner during the school’s set up phase. The school is based in Male.

Presently the school offers education for students from grades 1-7 and this will continue to expand gradually up to grade 12. There are currently 300 students, 50 students per grade. The majority of the students are Maldivian. The school also welcomes students from the expatriate community.

The Finnish school principal, Dr Eija Valanne, works with 31 staff members including 11 qualified teachers from Finland. The adult to student ratio is 1:10.

The school’s curriculum is based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum with a blend of local adaptation and additional content, including the local language Dhivehi, as per the requirements of the Maldivian Ministry of Education.

The school serves as a hub of educational know-how in the Maldives and plans to launch teacher training and professional development programmes in the region in the future.