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Providing insights on education in Finland


INSIGHTS involves short-term learning visits, seminars, webinars, workshops and other learning events . We get a lot of questions from people wanting to understand the secrets behind the success of the Finnish education system. For this reason we have developed different ways to deliver insights and key information on Finnish education and its special characteristics.


Education is globally acknowledged as one of the cornerstones for the future. The education system in Finland has been proven to be one of the best in the world, scoring consistently at the top of different studies, even though students have the fewest number of class hours. The Insight programmes deliver insights and best practices on how to organise education in a school community with qualified and motivated teaching staff. The programmes are built on four components following the framework of experiental learning. The learning process includes lectures, on-site visits (for visits organised in Finland only), individual work and facilitated group work, with a focus on experience, dialogue and reflection.

Possible tools and modes of collaboration for the insight process:

  • Exploring Finnish educational success through Finnish expert knowledge - Top-level experts will provide the participants with the core information of the Finnish education system, as well as case studies of educational reform processes in both system and school level.
  • Observing Finnish education in practice - During the school visits participants have an opportunity to meet Finnish students and observe the teacher in their daily work. The Journey offers also an insight to Finnish pedagogical approaches, learning environments, and learning materials.
  • Reflecting on and conceptualising lessons learnt - In facilitated reflection workshops, the participants will discuss and reflect on both the experiences and observations on a personal basis.
  • Adapting knowledge for use at home - Each learning journey ends with a conclusion workshop and an action plan of how the best Finnish practices can be used as building blocks for personal professional growth or for the benefit of organisational development.


For all different kind of delegations over the world


Most of the Insight processes we provide are 2-5 days long

Case example

The Secrets behind the Finnish Education System

The aim of the project was to provide information and experience about the Finnish school system, practices and practices to organize education and the supporting systems. The globally recognized Finnish education system has been identified...

Client benefits:

1. Gain good insight to the Finnish education model from the people who have been developing and implementing it for years
2. See and experience the practical modes of delivery in schools and meet the actual day-to-day reality of the model through the eyes of school staff and students
3. Facilitate the team’s learning process during the visit to making the best out of the days
4. Have concrete initiatives at the end of the programme that will reflect the current situation and framework in Nigeria

Feedback from participants

”Abby Olufeyimi summarizes most beautifully our views on the Finnish Educational system. The system works for the Child…for it is child centered. This is a nation that values her children. The child is an individual and valued as one.”
Blog entry by Alero Ayida-Otobo, Incubator Africa, Nigeria


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