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Miia Nejlik

HR Specialist
miia.nejlik (at) educlusterfinland.fi
+358 50 440 7976

Ms Miia Nejlik works as the HR Specialist in EduCluster Finland Global Operations. Her responsibilities include various supporting tasks in strategic actions, development, and client processes, related the coordination of Human Resource Management. Further, Ms Nejlik is in charge of supervising the mobilisation and relocation processes of Finnish expatriate experts: This work includes the logistics, administrative coordination, liaison with embassies, and acquiring the documentation required.  A significant part of the work is to communicate with employees and partners coordinating the employment relationships and working conditions.

Miia has extensive work experience in project management in the fields of marketing and business development processes.  Further, she is experienced in planning and managing expert mobilisation processes, having been partly in charge of the Expert Recruitment & Relocation Processes of EduCluster Finland in both Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Miia has worked for EduCluster Finland Ltd. since August 2012. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), in the Entrepreneurship and Business Competence Programme. Being committed to life-long learning and professional development, Ms Nejlik recently completed the Vocational Teacher Qualification (AmO) at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.