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Elise Tarvainen

Director of Global Partnerships
elise.tarvainen (at) educlusterfinland.fi
mobile +358 50 440 7989

Elise manages the global partnerships of the company and the work of EduCluster Finland Ltd. experts in different partnership programmes.  Ms. Tarvainen has extensive experience of working as an expert in education and human resource development as well as in leading regional learning and innovation processes. She has a degree in education (M.A.), with a qualification as a class teacher and a subject teacher in Finnish education and her Ph.D. studies are in the field of educational leadership and administration specializing in school safety and student wellbeing issues.

She has worked 14 years as a K-12 teacher and been actively involved in school-based development processes related to the implementation of Finnish National Core Curriculum in local contexts with tens of school providers all over Finland. Her focus has been on developing learner centered school communities and school operational culture with student-centered teaching and learning methods.

She has also expertise in working with regional administration and educational reforms in local labour market development, in preventing dropouts and promoting students’ participation in the society. She has considerable international experience with projects all around the world. She has robust experience with projects all over the world and especially in the GCC area. Most recently she has been in charge of establishing Qatar-Finland International School to Doha, and creating the foundations for the Abu Dhabi – Finland Education Partnership Programme