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Published by Kimmo Tuunala on 17/01/2017



First of all, I want to say how proud I am of being a Finnish teacher. Although I don’t know that much about other education systems, I feel that I’ve experienced something extraordinary as I’ve gone through the ladder of Finnish Education. Working abroad for the last one and a half years has also shown how much people value the Finnish Education system and especially its teachers; it is a privilege to be part of that.

Being a teacher - not a dream but decent work

Published by Neel Shah on 31/08/2016

Most of you with a keen interest in education will have heard of the Finnish educational phenomenon. A country of 6 million people who have produced an education system which is regularly punching way above its weight and is considered one of the best in the world.

Published by Archana Narain on 01/07/2016

I was elated to be part of a group of 30 Principals / Heads of Schools for the "9th International Study Tour for School Leaders" to Finland between 1st May to the 07th May 2016 jointly organised by EduExcellence and EduCluster Finland. The objective of the trip was to provide a deep understanding about the educational model, the school policies and best practices and administration followed in Finland from people developing and implementing them over the years.

Published by Kati Poikonen on 16/06/2016

Recently in Finland, when reading anything regarding education, it has been impossible to avoid headlines and discussion such as “New Curriculum – what will change?” Thinking about the next term, I’ll have to say that a lot will – at least in my son’s life. My six-year-old will start his first grade in our local school in August and will of course begin studying according the new curriculum from day one.

Published by Raija Sairanen on 23/05/2016

I am a passionate traveller. It’s fascinating to explore new places as they wake up my curiosity and make me walk with open senses. I feel very much alive.

Now I am about to start a very special journey. This time it’s not about travelling. It’s about working and living somewhere I’ve never been before. For sure I’m excited.

Published by Anonyymi (not verified) on 18/05/2016

For these past four months, I’ve had the joy and privilege of doing an internship at the Jyväskylä offices of EduCluster Finland. With one month left to go, I figured it was time to look back on all I have experienced while part of the ECF team.

Published by Katja Visser on 11/04/2016

The British writer and historian Bee Wilson has recently published First Bite: How we Learn to Eat.  She unfolds a story, true of all countries in the world, about how we learn to eat and the impact of this on our minds and bodies.  Following on from her social history on food fraud in Swindled (2008), Bee Wilson talks about something that happened in EduCluster Finland’s home base, Jyväskylä.

Published by Amy Qian on 17/02/2016

My name is Amy Yuting QIAN and I have worked with Finnish companies for 11 years and in the beginning of this year I started in EduCluster Finland. I have passion for Finnish way of doing things, and really looking forward to be deeply involved in the education sector from now. This is my 11th year working with Finnish company/organization, I have asked quite many times myself what has kept me here, and I’m sure I love this country.

Published by Silvia Ines Gon... on 16/12/2015

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Como coordinadores del COLEGIO CONCEPCIÓN DE CHILLÁN (CHILE), debemos agradecer la oportunidad de haber sido parte del curso: "ENERGIZACIÓN DE MAESTROS A TRAVÉS DE MODELOS INNOVADORES DE APRENDIZAJE", dictado a principios de este año por ULLA MAIJA VALLEALA y PASI IKONEN, profesores de la UNIVERSIDAD DE JYVÄSKYLÄ de FINLANDIA.

Published by Sayed Ali on 20/10/2015

I could not believe it when I opened my email inbox and read an email from my colleague Eeva. She told that my visit to Finland had been organized and I needed to prepare myself. I looked at the mirror, smiled and said to myself ‘Oh Sayed after working for one year at Qatar-Finland International School your dream is about to be achieved’. I have read ‘Finnish Lessons’ by Pasi Sahlberg but now I would see the beautiful country that has one of the top education systems.